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Saturday, July 9, 2016


Howdy folks, yes it's been hot here in Texas the last couple of weeks, 97 to 103 or so, a good time to remember that a man needs to know his limits, and not get heat stroke, so be aware that it can sneak up on you.

These are from La Posada Milargo, in Ghost Town Terlingua.

Ya'll have a safe weekend, and stay cool, thanks for stopping in.



  1. Hi Suerte! Glad to see you making a post.

    I think it must be my age because the summer heat has really started to bother me in the past decade. As much as I love Terlingua, I do not know how some of its residents can put up with the extreme desert heat. Many of them without A/C...mighty tough bunch!

    Beautiful pictures in particular the last one.

    1. Thanks Ms B, the last one is from my camp, looking towards the Chisos, hope you are well, I see your having trouble with Pedrito, sorry, hope it works out, and hope your well, as well as your Mom, thanks for stopping in.

  2. LOVE those pictures of the old buildings. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks B, I appreciate you checking in, I'm sick about Dallas as I know you are, I went to our local PD this morning, just to let them know I have their back, no matter what, I'm going to back them up, this whole thing has made me ill I think. Better days ahead I hope, and hope ya'll are well, take care, and God Bless.