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Saturday, July 21, 2012


I want to first say my prayers and heart goes out to the families of this senseless act.
You never know what motivates some people to violence, it happens every day, just not to the extent that it makes national news.
And every time it happens, the gun ban looney’s come out of the woodwork again, calling for gun control. What the hell is that?
I think we should ban movie theaters, gas masks, movies with violence in them, pencils, base ball bats, chains, beer, whiskey, fat people, cigarettes, illegal immigration,
Sugar, chocolate, lasers, insane people,  and a host of other things that we MUST protect people from.
I always think of this when these gun control nuts call for more of the same.
This country was founded with guns. It came down to who had the most, and who had the longest staying power. The gun is the only thing that a tyrant recognizes.
There is no negotiating with a tyrant, as we had when this country was founded. The founders knew how important it was to be able to defend ourselves against a tyrant, ( government ), and yes that possibility still exists to this day.
Look at Mexico. No guns allowed.
 I never knew a bad guy that followed the laws, like law abiding people do. Funny how  they don’t apply for a concealed handgun license, or a permit for a machine gun, like me or you would have to. ( I have  both ).
The liberals are all wailing this morning about how 0bama needs to do something, don’t just stand there, do something about the gun violence in this country. They give me a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I have been around guns since I was a child, and was taught by my Dad, at an early age, that they will kill whatever you aim at, so YOU have to be responsible, you and only you, have control, so use it.
Now an obviously insane individual, takes a gun and starts killing people, it’s the gun’s fault. I cannot imagine that no one around this individual, realized that he was teetering on the edge of insanity.
When the day comes, that these bleeding heart liberals come to me, or you, for help, I hope you will please help them. Give them a baseball bat and wish them luck for me.


  1. It was very sad and I feel so bad for the families of the innocent victims. As armed as this nut was no one really had a chance.

    I do believe his mother knew her son was not in his right mind.

    You are right the bad guys never bother to apply for concealed gun licences or any other type of licenses.

    1. Going to be interesting watching the state build their case on this one.

  2. If the administration or media had any integrity they would be telling us to arm up after an incident like this and be ready to help defend against another massacre. We all know it is in the progressive agenda to have us rely on the state for everything including defense though, so that will never be their message.

    1. Bravo Craig, I concur. Thanks for stopping by.