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Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is part of the 'front yard' at camp, I catch the water off the roof, it goes into the black tank in the backgound, ( 550 gallons ), and into a water trough that's buried below ground level so the javelina hogs won't turn it over.
The metal building holds everything that I would like to protect, even though I have been cleaned out a couple of times, you really have to work to get into it.
Picture this:
The feeders with the deer are right in front of my chair, about 40 feet away. Mexico, is about 6 miles looking that way from camp, I can't think of a much better place to get away and take a little time to relax.

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  1. On another post I remembered you posted you had captured like 120 gallons or something like that but in the picture you had posted I could not see your tank but I can certainly see it now.

    I know how you must feel about people breaking into your shed. I have that problem but unfortunately I don't have the skills to make the needed repairs to reinforce it.