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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well, can't remember what day I took this, let's just say, it was a nice evening.
Got home in one piece, my friend that was bit by the diamondback, is home and resting, and catching literal hell from the wife, as he should be, but doing much better, although he's still not at work.( He held his head down with a stick, and picked him up, a little too FAR back from his head, and he got him with one fang in the ring finger of his right hand.){local sources, {{ Ken }}, said his arm, below the elbow looked like a football when they got to the hospital in Fort Stockton.
On the way home, where I turn off I-10 to go through Junction, and head into Mason, all of the gas stations had their price set @ $3.53. Tell me that's not price fixing. I had enough to go to Llano, and bought it there for $3.18, and when I got home here, it was $3.08. They can ask all they want for a tank of gas, but I feel like they are gouging the public there in Junction, as they are the only gas for MILES.
I will try to post some photo's later, I'm covered up at work tomorrow, and out of state for meetings most of next week, ya'll take care, and thanks for checking in.

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  1. Glad to hear your friend is doing better. Wonder how much that bite is going to cost him? Hope he has medical insurance.

    Yeap, small towns LOVE to gouge the public. Study Butte for example...