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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well, no one that I know shot a deer yesterday or this morning. According to the State Game Biologist, the fawn birth rate this year was 14%. Yes, 14%, so if half of them survives to maturity, we have a terrible 4 to 5 years ahead, if the rain fall comes back to norm.
I got about 125 gallons in my water tank for the deer off the roof at camp in the rain, and was so thankful for it, 2 fox and 3 coons came to water that I know of last night. The deer are 'laying low', so many people in the field have put them on alert, so I did not see one at camp, like I usually do, with 8 to 14 spending the night with me, I think, because they know I won't shoot them, and never will.
We had the MOST TERRIBLE sustained wind today that I have ever seen here. I got this photo this morning drinking coffee on the front porch, by 8:00am, the wind had increased to 35 mph sustained, ( estimated), and 55 gusts, and it did that ALL day. The dust blotted out the sun like I have never seen before. EVERYTHING in my cabin was covered in dust, including my laptop, even though it was closed up.
Please be aware, a friend of mine was bitten by a diamondback today, only because HE was messing with him instead of shooting his dang head off like he should of. Don't think you don't have to watch for them since it cooled off, they are still out there. He's going to be ok, but please don't try to handle a snake.
May post some more photo's later, it takes about 5 minutes to download off this Blackberry and I don't know how much longer the laptop battery will hold out, but this is really cool! Posting from camp, I'm going to get better at it as time goes on.
Frann, that bear photo is about 1.5 miles due west of my camp on the mesa of Whitley Canyon, about 7 miles due south of Sanderson.

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  1. The winds reminded me of the terrible dust storm we had during the cook-off in Terlingua.

    That is just terrible about your friend being bitten by a diamond back. Did they have to take him by helicopter to a hospital? I'm sure it is a lesson he will not soon forget.

    Have fun but be careful.