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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Ranch

Things have changed at the ranch, seems the drug smugglers have changed their preferred method, since the 'surge' started in deep south Texas.
Without going into it too far, which I can't because of fear of compromising BP security, my closest neighbor at the ranch had an encounter with the drug cartel about a month ago, and if you knew where his house was, you would know that he has no visitors, it was a kidnap/barricade situation at his ranch house, his 10 year old son was involved too, however, due to his pre planned phone code with his wife, who called from the mid west to check on them, the Border Patrol  was alerted and came to the rescue.
I'm afraid the smugglers have lost so many drugs in the surge, that they  have moved upriver again.
Ya'll have a great Sunday, we are going to do steaks and corn on the cob in a bit...sounds good!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Frannie's Birthday

When Frannie was delivered to us by a shelter worker, we were told she was about 1 year old, and a big clumsy sweetheart Irish Wolfhound cross with hair about 4 inches long.
She has wolfhound traits, she takes every step with one or both of us, always in protection mode.
However she is a little north of 12 now, and seems to be slowing down some, so when the groomer came by, Patti had her give her a buzz cut to help her cool off from the awful heat we have been having. I really think she was worried that I wouldn't like her after the cut, she seemed to be apprehensive when I first came in the door, and I have to admit, she does not look like the same dog, but she's still my baby, and when I told her that she turned into her old self. I know she feels better, and I'm glad to help.
Hope you are doing well, just hot and dry and work right now, trying to work in some time for the ranch and Port A.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Been covered up with company and work, no time to post.
Kid's and Grand kid's last weekend, parade this morning, more company this afternoon, Yes, I'm counting my blessings one by one, a good wife and partner to take care of me as well.

These are on the road upriver to Presidio out of Lajitas, really a must see if you travel the river road.
This TXDOT rest area is very well maintained to be in the middle of no where, the tepee's are made of concrete on steel mesh, very durable, but they need to be.
By the way, we made homemade ice creme in a hand crank freezer with the grand kids last weekend, added Fredricksburg peaches, and it was a big hit with them.

There was an arrest made in front of our house yesterday evening about 5:30pm, don't know for what, just wanted you to remember to use caution and have a designated driver, no time for DWI'S.
Think safety, don't let those kids loose with fireworks, you need to watch them.

My closest neighbor and young son at the ranch ( about 4 miles ), had an encounter with a couple of drug cartel member a couple of weeks ago, BRAVO to the border patrol that came to the rescue, after a 'coded' phone call to his wife in Chicago.

Ya'll have a safe weekend, nothing is more important than you and the kids.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

I consider myself lucky to get home in one piece tonight.
The ROT Rally, ( bikers are in town this weekend ).
126 DWI arrests, and I think 256 collisions last year, and only 3 deaths recorded.
If I don't leave the compound all weekend, I'm good with that.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

River Road to Presidio

Thought I better post some of this stuff, an old movie set upriver from Lajitas, hope ya'll have a great weekend, and think about making some homemade ice creme in a hand crank freezer, how about that?
Have your kids ever seen one? If not, you can still get them, and if you need a recipe, they are still on the net, so why not? It's an opportunity to make one of those lasting impression's on the kids.

By the way D-DAY was yesterday, give your kids a test on their knowledge of that battle, and try to instill in them a sense of honor and sacrifice we owe all those old veterans, risking their life for people they didn't even know.