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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Thought I would get a new one for my 44 S&W 29 Classic,, not a very good representation, but I think it will get the job done. Not dressed for it, but had the wife snap this photo after it was adjusted to my liking.
I'll use it at the ranch to supplement the 1911 Colt I always carry.
One of my neighbors out there called yesterday after he checked on my place, all is well he said, however, someone had broken in his place, and from the looks of things, they stayed a couple of days. Took his ammo and canned goods, probably a immigrant or drug dealer headed back to Mexico, as he said he determined they went south when they left.
The Border Patrol was notified.
Ya'll have a good weekend, and tell the family how important they are to you.



Saturday, October 11, 2014


Nice gentle rain here in central Texas this morning.
Started at 4:00am, and has rained pretty steady, for over 4 hours with about 2 gallons of lighting to go with it.

Have a great safe weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gonzales Remembered

This is the time of the year to remember my kinfolks of the past.
Seems that they didn't want someone telling them how or when to jump, and they got together and came up with this:
Which many years later, prompted me to come up with this:

You can surmise from this that I pretty much have the same attitude if you read Spanish.

You can get some background here:

Thanks for stopping in and teach your children well.


Saturday, September 27, 2014


The acorn drop started about a week ago here in central Texas.
The Bucks are becoming more visible, trailing the does, and the rut should start in the next 3 or 4 weeks I think.
This pretty little buck was in the front yard just after sun rise, he didn't hang around when the flash went off.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Port Aransas

We haven't been here for vacation in about 15 years or so.
I forgot how hot and humid it was and the daily rain showers that turn it into a 94 degree sauna.
 The city workers were cleaning the seaweed and taking it back to the sand burm to enforce the sand dunes, kind of a stinky mess.
The people here are all friendly, and believe me, it IS ISLAND TIME. No one is in a hurry, and I guess if you live on an island, you set the rules, and that's ok.
We rented a house on the ground for a few days, so the dogs wouldn't have to climb stairs, because most homes here are about 12 feet off the ground.
We found this adventurous soul and his dog camped on the beach last night, and he was cooking breakfast for him and the dog about 8:00 this morning. His bed was under that tarp, and his dog slept with him there. I guess I'm getting soft, I don't want to sleep on the ground with rattlesnakes any more, just doesn't seem right to me, I've done it, but I don't want to invite trouble, as they are here, we saw one as we were driving down the beach this morning.

Went to a bank here in town this morning to get some quarters as the car wash I found did not have a working change machine. I was a good boy, and left my sidearm in the truck when I went in, and ask for 5 dollars in quarters.
The staff was very pleasant as I walked in, and greeted me.
The lady at the counter ask if I had an account with them, and I told her no, unless your owned by a bigger bank. She said she could not make transactions for people that don't have accounts with this bank. I ask her to get her boss, and she did, and it was another very nice lady, and after a few exchanges, she instructed the teller to make change for a 5 dollar bill,
The very nice boss lady took my info and found that yes, indeed I do have a sizable account with their parent company, and she would be HAPPY to help me with the change order.
Now, how in the hell do you think you could get into a hassle in a bank when all you want is 20 quarters? I can't see that situation being something that they have to fight to control. Rampant change orders?

I was just trying to get some money to start the vacuum cleaner at the car wash to get some of the sand that the dogs got in the truck at the beach, and what a mess, 4 dogs in the sand and water,... this truck now officially has 4400 miles on it, time for an oil change

It has been as far west as Pinto Canyon south of Marfa, and here in Port A.
Terlingua is next on Thursday if all goes well.

Ya'll have a great week, thanks for stopping by, more when we get home I hope.