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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Well, we went to the garden store, and they were out of the compost we use, so we'll go back tomorrow. That left me some time to play with my hobby, so I put together another dehumidifier for safe 1. It's so humid around here, I'm getting more rust build up than I should on my weapons. I try to make a point of cleaning them every 45 days or so, but seems like that's too long of late.
Also working on hammer extensions and slings for 3 new Marlins today.
If your not looking for a 'black' gun, they are still out there for purchase around here in Texas.
I got 3 new scopes for the Marlins, although I might not put them on until later.
It's a really nice bright day here today, and I can't believe I'm off when it's such pretty weather!
The bluebonnets that bloomed a few days ago, were bit back by the frost this morning, we had 26 on the back porch and a really good frost as well.
Trying to work in a trip to the ranch with 3 friends, if we can all make it on the same days, to cook, eat, shoot, and relax, hope we can do it.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea you had to clean your guns that often. Would you believe I have never cleaned mine?

    Hope you and your friends can make it out to your ranch soon.

  2. MsB, some people don't clean them much, but even though mine have a few nicks here and there from use, I like to keep the blue on them as long as I can. I have so many, I have to wipe them down and run a patch through them pretty often, or it turns into months with no care.

  3. Humidity?!??! Where the heck do you get that?

    I've got a pile of game calls that were built with castration bands and they look like a pile of parts because the bands only last 2-3 months out here. I might need a humidifier!

    Like the old saying goes though... guns only have 2 enemies. Rust and politicians and we're up against both right now it seems. :/

    I highly recommend the hydrosorbent silica gel thingies in the metal containers. I buy the real big ones and seal them up with my guns and knives. I'll pull them out from time to time and heat them in the oven to recharge them (dry them out). So far, so good.

    Read ya later


    1. CM, sometimes this reminds me of Houston weather, thanks for the tip, and checking in, btw, the snakes are out, saw the first one today in the back yard