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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Thanks for checking in.
I rummaged around in the back of safe 2 this morning to see if anything needed attention, and Glory Be, this old .264 Win Mag stuck it's hand up, and said, 'clean me please'.
I had this rifle built with a Mauser action, back in, I think, 1974, by a gunsmith from Dallas, TX.
It shoots flat, and is a excellent round for anyone wanting to shoot 3 to 5 hundred yards with accuracy.
It also made me think, I haven't shot this thing in about ten years, so it will go to Sanderson with me next time I go, just to make sure it still works!
Took the day off with Patti today, doing honey do's for her.
Deguello, that's my .357 target from last weekend, first 5 were on target, but the rest is me pulling because of all the other guns going off around me.
Have a good Sunday, don't forget to tell your loved ones, you love them.
Thanks to Chris Miller for following this mess.



  1. I have a 257 Roberts that was made here in Austin back in the 40's with a Mauser action. I love that Mauser action.

  2. That target looks like some pretty good shootin'. I know how difficut it can be to maintain trigger control when there are cannon blasts at irregular intervals in the other shooting lanes.

    1. Thanks, I can and usually do better, but next time I go to the ranch, I'm going to burn a lot of powder, till I'm satisfied with myself.

  3. Jim, I had a .257 as well, but traded it, after I shot 2 or 3 deer that ran off on me, seemed to me at the time, it just wasn't doing the job, although it's a great flat shooter, wish I still had it!

    1. I killed my first deer with that gun. Would not try taking a mull deer with it though. These deer around here are so small it doesn't take much to bring one down. It's a good varmint gun.

  4. I do not know much about guns but it sure is a beauty!

  5. Thanks MsB, let me know if you need help with the horse, I'll be glad to chime in with the authorities.