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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hope you folk's are having a good 4th holiday. We cooked a couple of steaks and watched a couple of movies, and intend to watch the fireworks display with some neighbors this evening at dark.
About 4:30 my next door neighbor called and ask me if I knew what had happened to her flag that was displayed in her front yard, just like mine in the photo above. This is one way that we support our local Boy Scout Pack, they come and put flags up for us every major holiday, and pick them up in the evening. My neighbor is an elderly widow, of an D-Day Survivor, salt of the earth lady. She was so distraught that someone had stolen her flag, that I thought she was going to cry.This is one of the reasons I have camera's around my house  now, for things like this. It just reaffirms my distrust of some people, you just can't trust them, come on, they needed a flag bad enough to steal it out of a old lady's yard? That makes me ill. I checked my camera's just to see if by chance it had anything on it, but of course not, dang it. I put camera's up about 3 years ago, after someone stole Patti's favorite potted plant off the sidewalk to the courtyard, and yes, that was in broad daylight as well.
Have a good evening, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I had some stuff taken out of my garage. After that I put a camera up out by it and left the garage door open. I sat in the house watching with a baseball bat just waiting for someone to step in there, never did catch anyone.
    I remember when I was a kid here in Austin we slept with the doors open. Now I sleep with a pistol.

  2. Jim, I know how you feel, I sleep with that .357 Mag every night by the bed, and about 3 more on the way to the front and back door. Things change....... we have to as well.