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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Ya'll be sure to step out and take a look at the moon tonight, pretty from where I'm standing.
Just had a visit from a sheriff deputy friend, he invited me to the range in thr morning to fire a few rounds. He's on the markmanship team, and a good young man. You wouldn't believe how the traffic slows down when he parks in front of my house!
I want to thank ALL ENERGIES for following, your among friends, and I will always try to answer your comments.
Thanks for stopping in.



  1. Hope you shot well. What piece(s)did you use? Got picture of a target you can post?

  2. For some reason you have dissapeared from my dashboard! How strange.

    The past couple of days was not able to see the moon due to cloud cover but tonight it is beautiful.

  3. Yes I thought so as well Ms B.

    deguello, I shot my .357 Mag, and 1911 Colt .45, but Brian and all of the cops outshot me of course!