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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Got this dapper little fella in the back yard one day last summer.

Wow, it was a great day off, prepped the church sanctuary for service in the morning, as a favor to some folks who are out of town, charged the battery on the lawn mower, and mowed the clover growing in the back yard, did all kinds of small chores around the house, played with the dogs, etc.
Possible we may have a little sleet/freezing rain, or snow in the morning early, so brought some more firewood under cover just in case.
About mid afternoon, catalogued ammunition, and made a ' to buy list .'
About the only thing I might need is some 9mm, .38 special, and .45.

Some yearling mule deer at the camp water trough.

Just wondering if anyone has ever seen something like this before?
It is a hub that rotates to any lock hole, you take your lock off, and that enables you to pull that vertical rod up, and that allows you to open the gate.
This is the only one I have ever seen, it is on a very bad rough road, about 5 miles east of my place, that eventually ends up on the Rio Grand from what I can see. I tested a couple of the locks to see if any of them were Border Patrol combinations, and 'bingo', two of them were.
I did not enter, as I was not invited.

Some mama's and babies coming to camp feeder.

Ya'll stay dry and warm, thanks for checking in.



  1. What beautiful little bird, actually I like all of your pictures.

    I have never seen a hub like that. Did you used to work for Border Patrol?

    1. I did not work for Border Patrol, but have 2 good friends that still do, my cousin is a retired Texas Ranger, so I have a few friends in that line of work.

  2. I have seen one other gate lock hub like that one. It is on County Rd 300 south of Crane, TX controlling access to the mesa on King Mountain. Don't know who designed or built them, but I assume it is likely the same person.


    1. I forgot to ask, what is the source of water for your water trough, rain catchment?

    2. Yes Don, just water off the roof, drains into 550 gallon tank, and the trough has a float on it, gravity feed, works well if your not in a hurry.

    3. That gate lock is unusual to say the least, those guy's must know each other!