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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sorry for the poor photo quality, got home late Monday as usual this week, and just had enough light for a shot of the Robbins, they swarmed us, and stripped all the cedar trees of berries, and were gone the next morning. There were hundreds if not thousands in and around the house. Patti said " there are so many on the cedar tree's, they look like Christmas ornaments".
I'm really sorry I didn't get the light to get their photo's with, but, it is, what it is, better luck next year I hope.
It has been pure chaos at work, I lost my service manager, so I had to take on 57 more employee's this week, and will have to do double duty till we can hire someone for the position. Kind of put a damper on my planned trip to Sanderson to reload cameras, but, I'll make it out sometime soon I hope!

Did anyone see the story about the 6 year old boy that was attacked by a mountain lion in Big Bend Basin area?
He's ok, but took several stitches, after his dad got the cat off of him with a knife. Sorry he didn't have a pistol, or we could have seen the cat up close! My bet, that cat has rabies, just my thought on that.
Ya'll take care, will try to check in on the weekend sometime..Suerte


  1. I saw the story but it would have been unlikely that the dad would of had a gun unless he had a CHP as they were just getting out of the restaurant at Chisos mountain lodge and were heading to their cabin.

    Wednesday I heard the little boy would have to undergo rabies shots as soon as he got home. I believe he is from Leander.

    1. That's what makes a CHL effective, you never know who's carrying. I have been in the Lodge Restuarant several times armed, and will be next time as well. It may be nothing more than my 2 shot .38 speacial deringer, but I will have an equalizer on my person.
      The thing that convinced me was the massacre that happened at Killeen Tx, at the Luby's there.
      The only place I don't carry is in a 7-11 type store that MIGHT derive 50% of it's revenue from alcohol sales, or a liqour store.
      I was bit by a rabid dog in 1959, and had the shots, I feel sorry for the kid, but I understand you don't need as many shots now days.

  2. I remember an almost identical attack in '86. Young boy walking with his family about a quarter mile from the lodge. The family was visiting from the DFW area and the boy had to undergo several surgeries in the following months. Trackers found and dispatched that cat.