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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Just a note to say I'm still here, really covered up at work, but thats the way it is, embrace it, when you can't change it!
Really beautiful shot of a mule deer 2 yr old I think, on the s/e corner of the canyon. Do you know that a mule deer will sometimes lay still on the ground while you pass? It's happened to me more than once, a whitetail will jump and run, but not so with a muley.
Issinglass Canyon, my property line at the fence.

Whitley Canyon, my s/w property line is about where the road bears to the right.

He would shoot me if he knew I posted this, but he was all 'tuckered' out and slept in that chair for about 2 hours, after the dove hunt.

That's all for tonight, take care.



  1. "embrace it, when you can't change it!"

    I like that phrase, it is a great attitude to have.

    Is that your son?

  2. That is a youngster from here at work, he wanted a handgun class so we took him along with us.

  3. Suerte,
    Good for you! Teaching the young-uns gun safety and how to correctly use them is a good thing. The things you can teach him will stick with him much more than just reading an instruction manual.