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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Quick weather update, sleet/snow/freezing drizzle at Sanderson today, and at this time about 10:00 tonight. A friend of mine is there now, and texting me with his blackberry, he said it's about 28 and nasty. We had a little sleet and snow here today as well.
Got this willow in bloom in the cayon one day.

Stay dry and warm.

ps, that 6 year old attacked by the cat in the park, is in the hospital in Temple with a serious infection now. I don't think they have caught the cat either.


  1. That is a beautiful flower, had never heard of it.

    Hope your friend took plenty of propane to keep warm. Per the weather channel it is pretty nasty down Sanderson way.

    Poor little boy, hope he gets well soon. The cat may be dead by now since his dad did manage to stab him.