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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Several people that I know, buy the cheaper version of this rifle.
I know, I know, you get what you pay for, and I did when I bought this Colt AR-15 Heavy Barrel Target rifle. It will drive a pin @ 125 yards, with a peep sight, even with my old eyes.
I bought it mainly because it's just like my US Army issue M-16.
It's a great round, flat trajectory, .223, it seems a lot heavier now, than it did when I was 18?
I have another one in .308, it's a great round too.
Thanks to JACK for reading the blog, I appreciate every one of you guy's and girl's!
Just broke up a fight in the back yard between Franny my dog, and a possum raiding the bird feeder. The possum has been here before, and beat a hasty retreat, once I got the dog off of her, she's just trying to make a living, like the rest of us, so I can't be too angry with her. She looks to be pregnant, so I hope she stays away till after she has those babies!
My little brother, Cary, and I are planning a trip to Big Bend Park this spring sometime, still in planning phase, but am looking forward to it, as we used to go twice a year every year, I used to ask him quite often to make time to go with me, but, kids, wife, mortgage, ranch, etc, always got in the way, so I sent him a message last weekend, indicating, we're not getting any younger, and we need to start going again, at least once a year, so he's trying to fit me in his schedule.
I am going to try to get off long enough in Feb, to go reload feeders and cameras at the ranch, will let you know if I do, I want to post from the desert again, that's a learning process for me!
Candillia wax plant with cactus.

Roadrunner near camp.
They are sure fun to watch, while they are hunting.
A little muley doe on the s/w low side of the canyon.

Ya'll have a good evening, will check in when time permits, thanks for watching!



  1. The AR-15 is a beautiful piece.

    Big Bend National Park: SHE and I still manage to get there twice a year (cause we ain't gettin' no younger). We go with the grandkids during spring break and in the fall when fewer visitors are there.

    Thanks for posting more of your great photos.

  2. Those are really beautiful pictures Suerte. Glad you and your brother are making plans to go to Big Bend area.

    To me it is like visiting the last frontier, a trip back in time.