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Saturday, January 28, 2012


You wouldn't think that a coon could climb a slick metal pole, would you? Here's proof though, they can and do. I think these little devils are the culprits that ruined two of my feeder motors. I have devised a metal protective cover, mesh wire, one inch squares to put over them next time I'm out there. The feed will still come out, but this will keep the coons out of it, I hope.
We got a new gunsmith here in town this week, I went over and visited with him a while, and ended up selling one, and buying another from him. His website is eagleeyegunsmith.com, but it's not active yet, he's still working on it. I took a new rifle to him to bore sight the scope, just to give him some business, and he seemed quite knowledgeable, so I'll try to use him some in the future.
Good friend Jeff helping me load the camp hay feeder last spring. His Dad flew for Air America when I was in the service, ( and died in a plane crash in Cambodia ). Jeff is a great guy, and a good neighbor.
Gambles, or blue quail, at the feeder. I always load maize, or milo in with corn, and protein pellets, for the birds, they love that milo.
The good thing about the hay feeder is, it's too tall for a danged hog to get to, so the deer have it all to themselves.
Well, I came through the full audit with flying colors, I'm always glad when it's over. Having 7 people look at everything you've done for the last year, for a solid week, is quite stressing, even if you think you did everything right, they always find something, they have to justify their jobs, although they found nothing serious. Any way, the boss is taking Patti and I out to diner tomorrow night in celebration of a good audit.
Ya'll try to have a good weekend, and tell your family you love them. You never know when that opportunity won't be there for you.


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  1. Those coons are something else. Sneaky little fellers they are...

    Glad the audit went well but most of all that it will be rewarded with a dinner.