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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July End

Just a note to say howdy, few photo's of Marathon.
All is good here, guess you saw the news on the Hot Air Balloon crashing east of Austin killing 16 people. I have no words.
Also the shootings in downtown Austin last night, killed one, and injured 4.
There sure seems to be a lot of rage in folks now days, no matter where they are, I'm trying hard to understand the logic, but I guess I'm too old and behind the times to get it.
I guess like my Dad always told me, you can't prevent it, but you CAN prepare for it.
Had a great conversation with 2 different Travis County Deputy's this week. I let them know that I, ME, had their back, if I saw them in need of support from the public, anytime, or place..I'm just an old guy, but I'll help in anyway I can if they are in trouble.
They both thanked me for the backup if needed.
We have to stand together against the wrong, and always support LEO's, that's what holds this union together.
Have a great Sunday, tell your loved ones they are special to you, thanks for stopping in.

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  1. wise words. Many more than you have the same thoughts