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Thursday, June 13, 2013


And in with the new.
Patti and I went to make a trade for a new trailer last Monday, and this is the result.
It's a little smaller than our old one@ 30 feet, but plenty of room and it PULLS BETTER than the 33 foot we traded in.It's a Travel Star, made by Jayco, and looks to be a pretty good trailer, will let you know, we have a family reunion to go to on her side of the family soon, so I talked her into trading for a new one.
Before she was stricken with breast cancer, we would go to Corpus Christi, and other places for the weekend, and now we have a reason to do it again, now that she is better, I just didn't want any trouble, and this looked like a good deal.
It's been utter chaos here the last week, will try touch base this weekend.
Thanks for stopping in.



  1. Nice. What do you pull it with? I had to get a Chevy 2500HD to pull my toyhauler.

  2. bp, it's an F-350 Ford V-10 gas, it does pretty good for a gas engine truck.
    Thanks for checking in!

  3. Congratulations...it sure is pretty!

    I always wondered if you took a trailer when you went to your ranch or slept in your truck but was too shy to ask :(

    I am glad Patti is doing much better...now hit the road and enjoy your new toy!

  4. Thanks MsB, I stay in the truck usually, the road into camp is really rough, I have had the trailer in there, but it's a job, about 1.5 hours, very slow.
    Patti got the trailer outfitted this morning, so I parked it till we need it.
    Hope those dang ants leave your property soon.