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Thursday, June 6, 2013


From the time I was a little kid in school, I never liked a bully. I learned the hard way like most kid's, you can't win with appeasement, you have to stand up, bow your back, and kick their ass. You might get bloodied, but if you kick their ass, they will probably leave you alone.
That's what we did on D Day.
As the years go by, we are losing our heroes more quickly than ever, and the new generations ccoming along behind, have no idea of the sacrifice the Greatest Generation made for us, me, you, all of us.
My personal hero is my Uncle John, who flew 35 missions in a B-17, some of them prettty tough, and returned in one piece.
If you know a WWII vet, please pay your respects to him as soon as you can, you owe him.



  1. My dad went into Normandy after the first day and told of seeing wrist watches and all kinds of stuff laying on the beach. He was amazed at the steady stream of planes that went over his ship and then went back toward England. He wouldn't talk about it much and I didn't try to pry it out as he didn't want to go through it again.

  2. Bravo and thanks.
    My dad was in the Pacific fighting the Japs, that was an ugly place to be as well. He didn't want to talk much about it either, and I can understand why.
    Thanks for checking in.