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Saturday, August 25, 2012


This OLD S&W .38 Special 5 shot is a recent favorite of mine for conceal carry. I have an ankle holster for it, but prefer my belt loop holster for it. I carried it all over San Antonio a few months ago, and no one was the wiser. It is very accurate for about 50 feet, and it's recoil is not so powerful that it hurts your hand, ( Ref Patti ) and you can come back on target really quickly. Patti, as is becoming the norm, out shot me with it about a month ago at the range. We keep  pistols in every room of the house, just for home invasion protection, and this one, is usually near the front door for her to grab if the door bell rings. No, not paranoid, I just don't trust anyone I don't know.
On a lighter note, the bougainvillea's are liking this time of the year. Mid 90's must be their calling, as they are doing very well this year. I filled the coy pond and fed the fish for Patti this morning. She took my truck and a flatbed to go get some antique furniture from her sister in Haskell Texas yesterday, and is on the way home now. I've never been there, but her report is that it's 'flat' country with a few trees. She also said that we are going to need help to get everything in the house she bought, lucky me...... I don't know where she's going to put all that stuff, you can't walk around in the bedrooms now, but, that's her thing, like guns are mine, so be it, she puts up with me, so I'll do the same!
Heidi does not like being separated from Patti, and is holding a vigil by the garage door in anticipation of her arrival. We rescued her a few years ago, and is one of our 3 dogs. No one gets close to Patti, that does not have Heidi's approval, although it be grudgingly sometimes.

Life is good, ya'll enjoy it, and have a good weekend, thanks again for checking in.



  1. Now that is a gun that would be my choice, small and undetectable.

    I pity the dumb fools who would try a home invasion on you guys! Did you teach Patti to shoot or did she already know?

    Poor Heidi she looks awfully sad but I am sure she will perk right up as soon as her master walks through the door.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. She's better now MsB, the boss came in last night.