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Saturday, July 8, 2017


Hi folks, hope all is well, plenty hot for me now, hope your not getting over heated, it can happen before you know it, so stay hydrated.
Thought I would post some photo's for your pleasure.
This is at the north end of Pinto Canyon, south of Marfa about 30 miles, about to start our descent into the canyon, we had a long conversation with a border patrolman here, and he told us of catching 35 illegals in one bunch just a few days ago right below us in the photo.
Some old adobes about 4 miles into the canyon, looked like a good place to stop.

At the cut off to Chinati.
Old bridge of the past washed out, this little creek has never been dry in all the many years I have crossed it, this lower Pinto Canyon north of Ruidosa.

Desert willow in bloom on FM170 east of Ruidosa.

Fort Leaton near Presidio

My adobe for the night in Terlingua, small but really nice, and close in Ghost Town.
I met a lady and her husband on the porch when there, and failed to record their names, he works at the Terrell Gas Plant, and they have a home there in Ghost Town, and I think they said they live in Bulverde? If she see's this post, I hope she will comment or contact me, it really bugs me to meet nice folks, and forget their names!

We have quite a long while of hot dry weather ahead of us, so try to stay cool, and enjoy.
Thanks for stopping in.


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  1. Those are some real nice pictures. I like to see the desert in bloom but from the comfort of my computer.

    That hotel room looks luxurious! With such nice ammenities I think I could over look the heat? On second thought...no :)