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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Patti is gone to work (volunteer ) for work at church and I just got a minute to check in with ya'll.
Staffing problems at work are forcing me to go back and cut my vacation short by 3 days, but it is, what is..........dangit.
Did not get to make a trip to the ranch because of issue's here at home, but had a great time staying with Patti and the dogs for 5 days.
As luck would have it, I spent most of Monday getting the computer back on it's feet, and Tuesday was spent repairing the overhead garage door, and finding parts to fix it with, Wednesday, I was sick as a dog with parvo, but today, I'm back, doing yard work, and hanging out with the dogs while Patti is gone.
101 is expected high here today, and it feels like it's getting to the mid 90's right now.
Ya'll have a great day, and thanks for checking in.



  1. I've had the same kind of week. One problem after another. Hot here too.

  2. Sorry you were not able to make it to your ranch. It looks so peaceful and relaxing there.

    On the plus side you got to spend time at home with Patti and the pups as well as check off a few things off the "honey do list" :D

  3. Thanks for checking in Stephen, I'm ready for October cool down already.
    MsB, the honey do list seems to be endless!