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Friday, August 24, 2012


This is what I have been carrying for the last 2 weeks, a 29 Classic .44 Magnum. I can't decide if I want to go back to my 1911, or just what, but I thought it would be a good idea to change things up a little.
The nut that was shooting people in front of the Empire State Building this morning is another good example of why I carry EVERYWHERE. Mayor DOOMQUIST, or whatever the heck his name is, has made sure very few people in NY have the right to carry except law enforcement, and Patti and I were right there where it happened a few years back, so you never know, therefore I always carry.

I try to be prepared in every way, every day, for the unknown, but that's impossible, you can only do the best you can with what you have.
About 3 years ago, a driver that was irritated because he could not pass me on a 2 lane road decided, he was going to beat me with a tire iron, or something that I could not quite identify in the dark, at the first stop light we came to. He jumped out of his truck, in plain view of at least 30 other drivers, and walked up to my window, cussing and waving his tire iron around.
He didn't know that I had decided in 1970 that no one, was ever going to hurt me again, no matter what.
Sooooo when he got to my pickup window, and saw that 1911 looking him in the eye, he decided that he didn't want to whip my ass, near as bad as he had thought he wanted to, and retreated to his truck, and drove away. This is just one example of how you NEVER know what kind of nut is going to go off on you, so always try to be aware, and prepare.

Thanks for checking in, and hope you have a good, safe weekend.



  1. When I heard the news about the shooting at the Empire State Building, I immediately thought of you and how you always conceal carry.

    I am not familiar with mayor Bloomberg's policy on conceal carry. You were lucky the guy with the tire iron was not packing heat too but it is a scary situation nonetheless.

  2. Thankfully, statistic's show CHL holders are not hot heads, but law abiding citizens with a level head, and are not aggressive.
    Thanks for checking in MsB.

  3. Keep on carrying daily, sir. It's the ONLY way to go. I am a 1911 guy myself. Carried a full size Kimber Super Carry Custom for about 3 years. Even with shorts and a tshirt, I had no problems concealing that gun in an IWB holster and ive got friends who swear by carrying smaller guns because they think the bigger ones are hard to conceal. Poppycock I say! It takes a "system" to carry a gun and that means a good belt, good holster, and of course a good, LOADED gun. I've never had an issue other than a giant hole above the back pocket in every pair of pants I own. The wife keeps em patched up though so all is well.

    But now I am carrying a glock. You either love em, or you hate em. I happen to love 10mm and the Glock 29 is a reliable piece so I carry it daily now.

    I like your flags. I plan to fly the Gadsden first thing when we get out property in Terlingua in the next few weeks.

    Chris Miller
    Our180.com - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness

  4. Thanks Chris, a man has to know his limitations......... I try to not have any, change things up once in a while, I'm game for anything when I carry, even a .22 Mag deringer.
    Hope you can come out and locate a place to buy, the flags all are related in some way to Texas Revolution era except that one! That one is just because I stay about half mad.........
    Thanks for checking in.