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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Wanted to say something about the Antelope Lodge in Alpine.
When we arrived, we had reservations, and were assigned adjoining rooms in the same cottage.
However the toilet in my room would not flush, so I ask the young lady ( I think a Sul Ross student ), to send a maintenance man to see if he could fix it. She had another student? there in about 30 minutes, and he could not resolve the problem, and said he would be right back. Well, almost an hour later, and I realize this was a Sunday, he had not returned, so I went to the office, and she assigned me another room, which she could have done an hour and a half ago.
I don't think she handled that very well, making me initiate the room change, however, the ac worked, and that was welcome since we had been hiking all over between Presidio and Alpine all day.
The place is the same as it was in the late 50's, and needs a face lift, but was worth the money, I'll stay at the Hampton Inn next time, it was just nostalgia that prompted me to stay there this time.
Ya'll take those kids outside and make lifelong memories for them, it IS your responsibility, and they will remember that the rest of their lives.
Have a great Sunday.


  1. Was wondering what had gone wrong...now I know. Thanks for the review.

    1. Your welcome MsB, it's worth the money, and they have done some upgrades inside, just didn't feel like I was very important at the time.

  2. Still, it looks like a good memory there, even if it didn't go off as planned.

    1. B, we stayed there several times when I was just a kid, and I hadn't been back there since, and yes it was a great experience, just a little disappointing in some respects, the place needs about 100k investment to bring it up to speed, but it's not going to be me, no matter how much I think about it!

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  4. Thank God they still hire Lobos', good for them and I'm even more thankful that the Lodge has not changed. I have traipsed my kids all over that wonderful place and introduced them to the people that make the place great. I like for my kids to stay there and places like it so they appreciate the luxuries they have a little more and so that they stay a little more grounded. Its sad that for them, Living and growing up in the Big City can cloud things. For me, days spent going to school, working as a day hand, riding horses and nights spent dancing at the Stetson and Chute were awesome. I both love and miss the pine. I will say this in defense of the lodge, I have stayed in Hotels all over the world both before and after I attended Sully. Truth is they all have down time, broken toilets, staff problems and bad rooms. Its just life. However I am glad you enjoyed "The Pine" though. Currently at a High Rise Hotel in Dallas, neighbors are loud and elevator Dings all night however the toilet does work though.