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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


That's my younger brother, Cary taking a photo of the second photo in this post.
This is at the roadside rest stop a few miles south and west off of I-10, on old US290, the road that you used before I-10 was built. I have an old photo of my mother holding me setting on that rock wall on the right of the second photo when I was just a baby in 1953 I think. This is a panoramic view of the Pecos River Valley approaching the town of Sheffield Texas. There is an old Army post center right of the second photo, Fort Lancaster, worth a few minutes of your time to stop in, if you get out that way.
Cary and I decided that since we had not been out to Big Bend TOGETHER since cars still had carburetors on them, it was time to go.
One of the good things about west Texas is that, without the growth you see here in the Austin area, things don't change much. Nothing around this rest area has changed that I can remember in 50 years or so.
Cary and I always used to go out there every year in the spring, stop at this rest area, and make breakfast on and old Coleman stove, before we went on to the park. This time, we took my old smokey out, loaded it with charcoal, and made Elgin sausage for a snack before we left.

Patti had surgery this morning at 8:00am, for problems brought on by her chemo and radiation due to breast cancer. The doctor said she was a 'real trooper', and came through it very well, she is asleep now and resting, and I am the 'Nurse' till she feels better, I hope in 12 hours or so.
I am a truly blessed man.

Thanks for checking in.

ps, we were stopped by the Pecos County Sheriff, right after we crossed the Pecos river down below, I'll make a comment on that soon.

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