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Thursday, May 24, 2012


As I said in my last post, we were stopped by the Pecos County Deputy Sheriff  just as we crossed the Pecos River bridge, as I have been many, no... strike that, too many times, I really can't remember how many it's been so often. Apparently, it's quite a smuggler's route. Anyway, this time, we met him going over the bridge, he crossed, turned around and got so close to my bumper, and stayed there, that he pissed me off, no lights on, no indication he wanted me to stop, just riding my bumper so close, that I could not see the front of his car in my side view mirrors. I looked at my brother and said, 'it's time to brake check this sob", which I did and of course, the deputy didn't like that, and then the lights came on.
I pulled over, he set in his car about 2 or 3 minutes before he got out, and walked up and said could he see my drivers license and insurance? I already had it out for him, along with my chl, so he asked if I was armed, and where were we headed? I said wherever I want to and  replied yes, and he said where is it? I said "it" is all over this truck as I showed him a .357 mag in the floor, I said there are two .44 mags, two, 1911's, two 9mm's, two AR-15'S, a Thompson 45 C1, a .450 mag, a .444mag, a 45.70, 2 12 ga.shotguns, and that's probably not all, but all I can think of at the moment.
I then said, why did you tailgate me, when you had no reason, then stop me after I brake checked you?
He said, this type of truck is used quite often by smugglers, moving people and drugs, to which I replied, so you just tailgate them, piss them off, they brake check you for following too close, then you have your probable cause to stop them? That sir is a bunch of crap, and I don't like getting stopped for no reason every time I come through Pecos County. He then gave me my license and id back, said he was sorry to bother me, and left.
Anyway, seems like if it's not the Border Patrol, it's them or Terrell County stopping me for no reason, except, it's a 4door F-350 with a camper shell on it. It's really beginning to wear on me. In fact, next time it happens, I'm going to complain to their boss about it. I don't know how often it happens, but if it happens to me that many times, it happens a lot. I know they have a hard, thankless job to do, but it seems to me they could use a little more common sense when they do it.

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  1. Thanks for the welcome and good story.
    My daughter was stopped the other night and when she asked why the officer said he was bored.
    It ain't right.

  2. MDR:
    That's what I'm saying, I think they don't have enough to do, so they invent work for themselves.
    There is some good ones, but there is bad apple's in every barrell. I'm just getting fed up with it.
    Thanks for the comment, good to have you watching.


  3. I know what you mean. I was stopped 3 different times on hwy 118 toward Big Bend in the same month. The first time I was stopped for going 3 miles over the sped limit, the second time for 2 miles over the speed limit, and the 3rd time for 3 miles over the speed limit. The second time I asked what the hell was I being stopped for so often. He told me that it was the time of the year for druggies to bring money back toward Mexico and he was checking people headed toward Big Bend. The 3rd time he walked up to my truck called me by name & told me why he stopped me and to half a nice day after writing me a warning ticket. He really gave me warning tickets all 3 times.