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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sanderson Border Patrol

Don't know how ya'll feel about it, but I'm ready for spring!
Currently sleeting here at 35 degrees, I've had it with the cold, this is not Chicago, although it seems like it.
This is the ranch in Burnet county.

Sanderson Border Patrol, other agencies capture shooter, drug smugglers

January 30th, 2014 under Community
SANDERSON – Two suspects, who authorities believe are responsible for shooting at a Sanderson Border Patrol agent north of Dryden last week, are in custody.  The agent was not injured during the incident.
About 5:30am, the Sanderson agent initiated a traffic stop of a pickup truck at which time the passenger shot at the agent.  The pickup fled the scene followed by the agent.  Subsequently, the vehicle stopped seven miles North of Dryden on Hwy 349 where both occupants fled the scene on foot and escaped into the brush.
Border Patrol agents, with assistance from the CBP Office of Air and Marine, the Terrell County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety began a search for the vehicle’s occupants. Also assisting were Homeland Security Investigations Alpine, the U.S. Marshal’s Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
Border Patrol agents from Del Rio Sector along with the agents from the Border Patrol Tactical Unit in Del Rio responded as well. BORTAC deployed a patrol K9 to follow the trail of the vehicle’s occupants.
Around noon, following directions provided by a Texas DPS aircraft, agents arrested, without incident, two individuals who are believed to be the vehicle’s occupants.  Authorities also recovered several bundles of marijuana from the bed of the pickup truck.
“This incident, and the result, was a perfect example of interagency cooperation,” said Big Bend Sector Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Carry Huffman. “Without the capable assistance of the other agencies that rallied quickly to assist it would have taken much longer to capture what appeared to be a dangerous smuggler and possible threat to the community.”
Authorities are still investigating the incident

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  1. I do not like cold weather but I do not particular care for the West Texas summers either. I am getting soft in my old age.

    Glad the Border Patrol agent was not hurt and that the two individuals were apprehended.