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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Really pretty morning here in central Texas, but gets cold and possibly wet Monday.
We had about 350 reported wrecks in Austin Friday due to the ice, am proud to say I was not one of them!
Have a great Sunday, take those kids by the hand, and put their phone and computer off limits and take them OUTSIDE, they need it as well as yourself.


  1. De-electrifying the kids, now that is almost as much fun as castrating a bull with nail clippers.

  2. Yeah, but go ahead and put your foot down, see what happens!
    I've done that many times, not with clippers, but it's still not fun for anyone involved.

  3. I completely agree. Creating times the family remembers is very important. Sitting around a fire and talking to each other face to face, sharing a laugh or two. Keep up the good work my friend/