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Friday, May 18, 2012


This is I think is a 2year old that wandered in to camp one day.

Have to work again this weekend, I'm getting tired of this!

Had a very nice visit with a neighbor lady and her daughter last evening. About a year ago, Patti and I came home from church, and on our front sidewalk, there set a little minature poodle puppy, still connected to her leash, and scared to death. Turns out the dog, pulled the leash out of her owners hand while chasing after a deer, and got away from the owner. The dog ended up at least a mile from the owners house. We figured out by the tags who she belonged to, and contacted them, and they were re-united that evening.
It was just amazing to me the lady, and her daughter were walking the dog last night, and took the time to stop in and thank us again for helping getting their puppy back. Nice folks. There are far too few of them out there anymore.


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  1. Sorry you have to work this weekend.

    Pets are part of the family and they are very grateful to you and Patti for helping reunite them.