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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last week, a former employee came by to visit at work for a little while. He applied and was accepted at the Sherriff office, and has put in his probationary time, so now he gets to work on his own on his night shift. Just so happens, his duty area is where I live.
When I went out to get the paper this morning @ 4:00ish, his card was on my pickup window, so I knew he came by, and when I went out to leave to work, he was in the driveway, just waiting to say 'howdy'. He said there was not much going on, and he didn't mind a bit, doing a drive-by on my home, as long as he didn't have a call to work on.
This kid, was a great employee for me, and I knew, he wanted to do something else, like law enforcement when I hired him.
I taught him firearms, rifle and pistol, and I am SURE proud of him for taking this position in life!
If only more kids could have their head screwed on straight now days!He carries a .40 Glock, and a .38 sp back up on duty. He shot a .44 mag very well when we had pistol class training, and he said he scored expert at the academy.
Anyway, I sure am proud of him..


  1. Congratulations on having a hand in helping this young man follow his dream.

    Wish there were more worthy young people out there that would be willing to go into law enforcement.

    Your neighborhood and you are the lucky winners.

  2. BTW loved the picture of the jeep...that would be a great ride around vehicle at the chili cook off.

    p.s. you still have the two fuzzy word verification :(