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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have a great fireproof dehumidified safe for all my weapons that are not in the house in close range for use in the case of an emergency, but crikey, you STILL have to clean them and oil them even with the 2 dehumidifiers going in the safe.
The view of camp from the entrance to the ranch from the north, those mountains in the background are in Mexico, across the river.
The other little fellow came up to camp in the dark, while a friend and I were sitting in our lawn chairs watching a MAGNIFICENT lighting show in Mexico. A tradition in camp is to have a margarita for breakfast, so I stood up and was going for another one, and that snake had crawled up under my chair and curled up about 6 inches from my right heel, and went to singing when I moved. I jumped almost to Mexico, and dispatched him as quiclky as I could with that 12 ga he's laying beside, and still rattling, he's what we call a blacktail.




  1. I killed a Mojave last week and am making a hat band for my neighbor. wE HAVE HAD ALOT OF SNAKE ACTION THIS SUMMER JUST NORTH OF gHOST tOWN. Lost 1 cat and 1 dog.

  2. Dang it, did the pet owners know there is a rattlesnake vacine available now?