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Saturday, October 29, 2011


We couldn't sleep any longer, so we got up @ 3:45ish this morning and made our 1st fire of the season, (35 degrees ) Patti, Frannie{ the black big dog }, and Heidi the long haired Dachshund. They are excellent helpers.
I made homemade biscuits, like my Mother taught me when I was just a kid, Patti made steaks, and eggs over medium and we had the best breakfast we've had in at least a year this morning.
Patti is still in recovery from breast cancer, and just now getting her hair back, but MAN is she doing GREAT! I am a very lucky man to be blessed with her and a good life, and am so thankful.
We got both dogs from our local shelter, Frannie was found tied up at the door of the shelter one morning, and Heidi was left in the back yard of a repossessed home 2 weeks after the owners left, almost dead. They both tell us everyday how much they appreciate us coming to their rescue, they are the best dogs we ever had.
I'm working on packing for the first week of Mule deer season @ Sanderson, although I don't hunt, just go and take photo's, and make sure no one is poaching on my place. If you don't take it with you, you do without, so it is a meticulous time to get everything in the truck that you might need, even up to and including a needle to get a splinter out of your finger. It's 140 miles to Del Rio, or 80 miles to Fort Stockton, so you need to be sure you have it with you if you can.

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