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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Thought I would get a new one for my 44 S&W 29 Classic,, not a very good representation, but I think it will get the job done. Not dressed for it, but had the wife snap this photo after it was adjusted to my liking.
I'll use it at the ranch to supplement the 1911 Colt I always carry.
One of my neighbors out there called yesterday after he checked on my place, all is well he said, however, someone had broken in his place, and from the looks of things, they stayed a couple of days. Took his ammo and canned goods, probably a immigrant or drug dealer headed back to Mexico, as he said he determined they went south when they left.
The Border Patrol was notified.
Ya'll have a good weekend, and tell the family how important they are to you.




  1. The 29 is a bit of cannon to lug around, but in your neck of the woods I suppose you need the big guns. It was the first gun I ever shot as a kid of 11. Big mistake on the owner's part. It flew right out of my hands leaving a few dings in it when it hit the gravel.

  2. That 44 is one of my favorite rounds, like the 357 mag, I'm more accurate with a revolver, ( like 2 inches or so ), not much unless your shooting the head off a rattlesnake or something like that.
    Yes, you have to be holding on when you pull the trigger on a 44,...... I like that.
    Thanks for stopping in.