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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gonzales Remembered

This is the time of the year to remember my kinfolks of the past.
Seems that they didn't want someone telling them how or when to jump, and they got together and came up with this:
Which many years later, prompted me to come up with this:

You can surmise from this that I pretty much have the same attitude if you read Spanish.

You can get some background here:

Thanks for stopping in and teach your children well.



  1. Also a 7th Gen Texian. My kin were farther east Shelbyville and San Augustine but made their way to Gonzales and Wilson Counties mid 1850's. Did join up with Gen'l Sam eventually. My kids know specific dates that I used to grill them on and will call them and ask them 'do you know what today is?' but they have little interest otherwise.

  2. My son and his kids are proud of being 8th and 9th generations, but my daughter and grand daughter, not so much, I understand, and thanks for stopping in.