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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Well, looks like some ammo IS becoming available at a decent price. I was snooping around last weekend and found some .38 Super JHP that I really wanted to keep in that gun, just for Patti. I looked for several calibers, but did not find all that I wanted, like big bore Marlins, dang it.
It has been added to the weapons INSIDE the living area of the house, in quick reach for her, to supplement the other ones.
My blogging friend http://terlinguabound.blogspot.com/ made a comment the other day about one squirrel being replaced by another when you make one go away, and sure enough, a new one has shown up in it's place. I hope to get to it this weekend time permitting.
Currently waiting on a contractor to show up for a bid on some fence work.
Ya'll have a great evening, and stay cool if you can, and thanks for stopping by.


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