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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I took the day off today, Tuesday, we had a house full of company come in yesterday, and Patti is the tour guide for them today in New Braunfels Tx. They are from the Tyler, Mineola area, and missed the reunion, so they came here for a base camp, and have gone to see the rest of the family on the river. They plan on floating the river, and shopping, and I'm here with the dog's, waiting on another bid on fence work, I'm trying to get 3 bids, and see who I like the best.
I'll try to post some photo's of the fence work area later.
A friend, ( vendor ), from work, came to me last Friday, to see if I would sell him my truck. He has bought everyone of my old trucks, since 1999, to put in his work fleet, that is, when I used to trade every year. I might add, the only reason, is it's a V-10 gas engine, which Ford quit offering in 2010 model. So, I guess I'll take it to work tomorrow and let him look at it. He said, I want your truck, to which I responded, you can't afford my truck............, he said, what do you want for it? I said $42,000.00, he said will you take 39? I just looked at him, and he said, I'll bring $100.00 bills..... My truck is almost 3 years old, and has 15000 miles on it, mostly either to Sanderson, or church, and he knows that it's like new, and that being in the business I'm in, I know we VERY SELDOM, work on that V-10 engine, he knows that as well.
Anyway, there is not a truck in stock anywhere that I want, so, I'll have to make him wait till I get one delivered in mid September, I guess.
Thanks to a new follower of this mess, michi, I appreciate you and will try to respond to every comment.
Ya'll have a great week, and pray for rain, we need it bad.
Thanks for checking in.



  1. Glad you were able to take a day off.

    Do not know much about trucks or engines just that I would like to own a truck before I die and drive it to Terlingua :)

  2. You need a truck like mine MsB, hope you get one!