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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Finally got a weekend off. Yesterday at work, I cooked lunch for 125 employee's, man, what a job, but everyone had a good time, and a great lunch of burgers, hot dog's, and sausage links. Team building was the intent, and it worked very well I think. Although I smelled like a cheeseburger, it went well.
Patti went to Lady Bird Wildflower center yesterday, and bought a LOT of native plants for the backyard, and we are working on that now.
Looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend, try to spend some time outdoors, and include the kids if you can, I'm sure they need the outside time, pry them off the computer and TV, show them there IS something else to this world besides electronic devices.
Burnet, my home town is having Bluebonnet Days festival today, expecting about 20 thousand, I was there yesterday, and it was already chaos, but I'm sure folks enjoy it.
Have a great weekend, and see you in church tomorrow.



  1. Glad the Team building went well...125 employees are a lot of people to cook for.

    You need to make it out to the chili cook-off where they have other competitions besides chili and where you can enter to win $$$$

    Have a good weekend as well.

    1. Thanks MsB, I see youe getting rid of those pesky mesquite's, good luck!

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