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Thursday, February 7, 2013


This morning, about 4:15am, I was walking down the driveway to pickup the morning paper, turned around and took about 3 steps back towards the house, and heard what I first thought was a woman screaming.
Then it hit me.....that's no woman, it's a mountain lion. It was about 100 to 150 yards due west of the house, which is all wild ranch land, it was dark, and I had a scare.
However, I as always, had my .38 Special in my hand, but would have rather had a .12 ga with 00 Buck at the moment.
One scream, and that was it. If you've never heard one, listen on utube, it'll make the hair on your neck stand up I bet.

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  1. Glad you are ok and that you were not attacked.

    I had no idea mountain lions sounded like a woman screaming, I guess that is good to know.

    It amazes me how you never forget to carry your weapon with you even to get the paper. I try to remember to take my little camera, yet I always forget :(

    1. MsB, it's like the Boy Scouts, or in my case, the Rangers, always be prepared, always.thanks for checking in.

  2. One of the first times we stayed at Terlingua Ranch, it was just turning dusk and we heard a mountain lion scream...and you are absolutely right! The hair on the back of my neck did stand up.

    Would still love to see one (from a safe distance).

    1. QK, Yes, it will make you pay attention!
      Thanks for stopping by.