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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Has been a hectic 2 weeks, and have not had time to post, so I try to tonight, and blogger won't let me add any photo's, so this will be word only.
Went to Patti's Mom's for Christmas, and Patti's sister's husband passed away while we were there unexpectedly, so we were tied up there a few days with that. When we got home, I got sick, I mean sick enough for me to miss work, which I haven't in about 20 years. I got a flu shot, but I guess it does not always work, I thought I felt as bad as I have in many years, but finally over it now.
New Years eve my daughter's house caught on fire, the wood burning stove pipe going through the ceiling was faulty, and was the cause per the fire department. It did about 55k in damage, no injuries, so all is well, or will be as soon as they can repair.
Any way, it's been an eventful holiday period for us, ad I'm ready to return to normal! Please!

Thanks for stopping in, more later when I can get blogger to cooperate.



  1. My goodness Suerte what a start to the New Year!

    I am sorry you have had all this bad luck but thankfully your daughter and her family escaped without injury and you are over the flu.

    My condolences to Patti's sister.

  2. Thanks MsB, things are looking up, more later.