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Saturday, August 18, 2012


My good friend, Ken, sent me a text this morning @ 4:30amish, from the ranch @ Sanderson, and said the wind had turned to the n/w, and cooled off, and it had started raining very slowly and soaking in. That's great news. We just got a wind shift here in Central Texas, and a little shower, so maybe we'll get some as well, we need it for sure.
I usually go out for the paper around 4:00am every morning, and heard my first screech owl in several months, so maybe we are in for a weather change early in the year. It's my recollection, that the cool front we just had this morning is way early, like 3 to 5 weeks early. I set there and listened to that owl, and in a few minutes, I heard another one calling. They are cute little birds, and I love to hear them talk at night.
The hogs have fared well in the drought, far better than the deer, Last time I was at the ranch, I probably saw at least 2 dozen roaming through camp, as long as they keep moving, Im happy with that.

The city inspector came by yesterday pm, and gave us an ok on the recent sewer repair, and the adjuster for the city insurance company came along right behind him, so we knocked out 2 things at once, now if the insurance company will just pay us back what we are out of pocket, ( $7216.00 ), I'll be happy and surprised.

Try to have a good, safe weekend, and thanks for stopping in..


  1. Glad the ranch got some beneficial rain.

    My goodness do you really get up at 4:00 a.m.? I do not have a cell phone but I would not be too happy if someone texted me at 4:30 in the morning!

  2. I am pretty sure the city is going to come through for you, they already are.

    I would have died if I had had to pay that kind of a bill for the sewer repair :(

  3. Yes, I live an hour from my job, and I'm at work by 6:30, so I get up really early for some time with Patti before I leave every day, and I get to play with the dogs some too. We go out on the front courtyard for coffee in the wee hours, it really starts the day off well.
    Yes, I really hope the city comes through for us too!

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