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Friday, December 30, 2011


I first want to acknowledge two followers:
Ms B
and Frann

I just started this a few months ago, and they have supported me as I have tried to "feel" my way into blogging, and I appreciate them for their help and direction.

I have to tell you about a woman that came into our business on 12/24.\Since I was the only manager on duty, she had some one come find me to bring her to my office, so she could tell me of her issue.
Well, the issue was that she was offended by our Christmas tree with presents under it in the lobby.
Being the seasoned "old timer" in the place, when she sat down in the chair across from my desk, I ask her what she was offended by with the tree.
She said something to the effect that we were not conscious of other people's feelings, and religious belief's.
Well, dang it. I have to tell you all, that seeing as how MY birthday is the same as my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and a Christmas Tree looks just fine in my house, I told her, that maybe she should go to another place where she is not offended by a tree with ornaments on it, or something like that, but whatever I said, I meant every word of it.
WELL... corporate called today to dress me down on my response to the lady.
Trust me, I keep my head down at work, but I really don't like people telling me how to do things unless they ARE PAYING ME.
And I told HR the same pretty much. They told me to refrain from comment, and refer these types of issue's to corporate from now forward, and I said' with" pleasure."
I don't like the way this country is going, my parents never had to worry about our Christmas Tree showing through our front window of home, and I don't think you should have to worry about it either.

That's all for tonight, check in later.


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  1. First of all happy belated Birthday.

    Regarding that "lady" sometimes one wonders just how politically correct one has to be these days not to offend people. But offended by a christmas tree and presents...give me a break.

    I would have probably told her the same thing you did.

    No need to acknoweledge me, I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your wonderful pictures.