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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Far West Texas

Man, it is a L O N G ways from Austin to Sanderson, to Alpine Texas.
We went to the ranch first, where my good friend Jeff received some shooting lessons on a 12 gauge shotgun, .38 Super, and .45 ACP. He did very well with all of them, and was enthusiastic, and he came away with " I have to buy a .45". That's good, because he has never been exposed to guns unless he was with me, and now I think he is comfortable enough with them, that he can handle one on his own, anyway, we both had a good time at the ranch. More time and practice at the gun range is store for both of us.
It was extremely dusty at the ranch due to wind conditions, and you could barely see Mexico from camp, if you really strain, you can see the mountain in Mexico between us and the Rio Grande River.
There were a few people in Marathon as we came through this evening on the way to Alpine, but since we had camped at the ranch last night, and were tired and dirty, we just stopped for a couple of photo's.
This country is in an extreme drought although some ocotillo was in bloom at the ranch.
Tomorrow, we are going down to Study Butte, Lajitas, Terlingua, Presidio, Ruidosa, Candaleria, Pinto Canyon, Marfa, and back to Alpine. Jeff has never been west of Presidio, so he's looking forward to it as I am.
Jeff at camp.

The DPS seems to be very active out here.
We were stopped as we came into Alpine this evening, because I was driving in the passing lane, when I wasn't passing.
 Long story short he didn't have anything to do, since there was not another car in sight, and we had seen 4 cars between Marathon and Alpine, we were chosen, who knows, they might have been too.
When he saw that I had a concealed handgun permit, he asked if I had it with me, and I answered several. He asked what do you mean by that?
 I said I have a .38 Special in my boot, and .357 Mag in the console, a .44 Mag in the back seat floorboard, and a .38 Super in the side pocket of the console on the passenger side, and a .38 snub nose in my briefcase in the back seat, plus other assorted long guns in the back floor board as well.
 A  warning was administered, and I will return that favor to his Boss when I get home.....harassment is what I call that where I was raised.. Make a note, the side of the road is not the place to make your case.

Looking forward to more Law enforcement contact tomorrow, I will post next time I can get service, and thanks for checking in, take care of each other and pray for rain!!



  1. Jeff is fortunate to have had you as a shooting instructor. It is good to know that if someone has a gun, he knows how to shoot it properly.

    Bummer about that DPS stop but you are right they were probably bored and you were the lucky driver to get pulled over.

    Had to laugh....a 38 special in your boot? I pity the fool that wants to mess with you :D

    Wow you guys are going to hit up a lot of places tomorrow. The good thing is there aren't that many DPS in that part of the world at this time...they are waiting for the chili cook-off to harass the citizenry.

    Have a great time.

    1. When I sit back and think about it, it's funny to me too!
      If you went up Pinto Canyon Road, you might want a few sidearms as well!
      There is no 911 there.

  2. Many believe the police are friends, there to protect them. They are wrong.

    1. Thanks Stephen, there are good ones and bad ones, just like anywhere you look, but this guy was just looking for something to do I think. That's the ones you need to be aware of, thanks for checking in my friend.