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Sunday, November 10, 2013

November and glad to see it

If you need to stay overnight in Sanderson, this is the best place in town, in my opinion, it will remind you of the late 50's and early 60's, but it's CLEAN, and I can't say enough about that after using a couple of the other motels in town.
I'm glad it has cooled off and rained some, when we were at the ranch a few days ago, the land and the wildlife looked better than they have in 3 years or so, due to the rain.
There is plenty of browse for the deer, they are not coming to the feeders or the water trough, because there is plenty to eat and drink, thank the Lord.
Sorry for not posting in a regular fashion, just haven't had time to squeeze it in, but trying to do better, sorry.

Frannie went with us this time.
A couple of times every night she was up growling and in the protect mode for her papa.

Ya'll have a great Sunday, and take care of each other.



  1. This, is my time of year, too. Hope you have a nice Sunday.

  2. Thanks Stephen for stopping in.