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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well, it's been a very busy Saturday here at work. Got a call from an employee as I was on the way in, that we had burglarized last night.

The security cameras got them on film, but they got away with about 30k in computers and diagnostic equipment.
MsB: I hope I got that verification issue resolved, someone please let me know when you comment. I'll try to post an update on the theft later tonight or Sunday if I get some info from APD.

This what I call 'dog pear '. It grows in clumps low to the ground, and is sort of like spring loaded, where if you kick it, it might pop up and hit you right in the knee, or crotch, etc. It's a very bad pear.



  1. I hope they catch those crooks and I am glad the security cameras got them.

    That "dog pear" does not look friendly or appetizing. I have never seen one of those before.

    Like your camping trailer.

  2. Thank you for getting rid of the two word verification, it worked!

  3. Love seeing that Lone Star flying over your campsite!

  4. And...we can hope that the burglar(s) have to learn about dog pear the hard way.