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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Sometimes, you just have to stop and clean up your mess. That's what I'm doing today.
It was well over a year ago since I cleaned my bench off. It got a good cleaning, fore and aft, and looks like new again, now I get to find a home for everything that has collected there in the past few months, what a mess.
Used the early morning cool hours to trim sago palms on the sidewalk, and clean that mess up, and am waiting on a contractor to call me back about painting the exterior of the house. It's just too big a job for me to tackle, at my age.
Also waiting on a call from a tree service to get some cedar trees removed, so we can park the travel trailer here at the house, which, will include moving our privacy fence to enclose it, another mess to look into to.
Took a week off, just because of staffing issue's at work, now, or October or November, so I decided, it was time now to decompress some.
Had coffee on the patio with Patti and the dogs this morning about daylight, it was GREAT, I turned the alarm off at 4:00 and went back to sleep till almost 6:00, how can you sleep that long?

Ya'll have a great weekend, and thanks to Harry Goaz, a new follower, sorry, I have not acknowledged you till now.

See you in church I hope.


ps, trying to fit a 2 day trip to the ranch in....hope so.

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