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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Frannie has been 'helping her Papa' all morning, we have been trying to catch up since I've had not had any days off for about 3 weeks.
Mowed the widow woman's , next door neighbor's yard this morning early, then gave the lawn mower a 'seed wash' before putting it up, she has stickers in her yard, and I don't want them here.
Cleaning up rifles, and loading truck for trip to the ranch for mule deer season opening on the day after Thanksgiving. Four bales of Alfalfa, and 600 lbs of corn, leaves little room in my truck for essentials, but I'll get it in there.
Beautiful day here in Texas today, windy, but great day to be outside.
Thanks for checking in, will try to post later in the weekend.



  1. tffnguy, my place is due south of Sanderson about 4 miles north of the Rio Grande.

  2. It is very nice of you to mow your widow's neighbor yard.

  3. MsB, she is a salt of the earth person, old school, just like my folks, I'm lucky to have a neighbor like her.
    Are you about to recover from Terlingua?