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Saturday, October 27, 2012


This morning is one of the unusual for me. I'm at home with the dogs, and wifey is gone to visit her Mom and sister in the Canton Texas area. Our back yard is pretty big, and the dogs love to see what kind of animals have been there overnight. Heidi, is the one that will spend as much as an hour retracing every step that any varmit has taken, it's fun to watch, and she has a great time doing it.

Frannie and Pinkie are not near the hunters as Heidi, but Frannie, having that hound in her loves to hunt as well. Pinkie is doing well on her road to recovery, and should be off 'probation' next week.

It was 40 here this morning, and beautiful, crisp and clear. I really like this time of year, and I think the dogs do too.

One of my employee's that cooks chili @ Terlingua, brought a batch for us to sample at work yesterday. It was great, and I think he should do well this year in competition there. He and 3 others from work are going there next week for the festivities.

I still have quite a mess to clean, and store away from last trip to the ranch. All I did was clean guns when I came back, so now the hard part is to be done today, cleaning lanterns, cook stove, etc, and putting all ammo in it's place, and giving a general clean up to everything I took.

I'm also going to go vote early, if I can get to it, and I recommend that you do as well.

Thanks a lot for stopping by, tell your family you love them, and have a good weekend.


ps, looks like I have lost the battle with the city, they won't pay for damage they did.

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