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Saturday, July 5, 2014


Been covered up with company and work, no time to post.
Kid's and Grand kid's last weekend, parade this morning, more company this afternoon, Yes, I'm counting my blessings one by one, a good wife and partner to take care of me as well.

These are on the road upriver to Presidio out of Lajitas, really a must see if you travel the river road.
This TXDOT rest area is very well maintained to be in the middle of no where, the tepee's are made of concrete on steel mesh, very durable, but they need to be.
By the way, we made homemade ice creme in a hand crank freezer with the grand kids last weekend, added Fredricksburg peaches, and it was a big hit with them.

There was an arrest made in front of our house yesterday evening about 5:30pm, don't know for what, just wanted you to remember to use caution and have a designated driver, no time for DWI'S.
Think safety, don't let those kids loose with fireworks, you need to watch them.

My closest neighbor and young son at the ranch ( about 4 miles ), had an encounter with a couple of drug cartel member a couple of weeks ago, BRAVO to the border patrol that came to the rescue, after a 'coded' phone call to his wife in Chicago.

Ya'll have a safe weekend, nothing is more important than you and the kids.


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