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Saturday, June 7, 2014

River Road to Presidio

Thought I better post some of this stuff, an old movie set upriver from Lajitas, hope ya'll have a great weekend, and think about making some homemade ice creme in a hand crank freezer, how about that?
Have your kids ever seen one? If not, you can still get them, and if you need a recipe, they are still on the net, so why not? It's an opportunity to make one of those lasting impression's on the kids.

By the way D-DAY was yesterday, give your kids a test on their knowledge of that battle, and try to instill in them a sense of honor and sacrifice we owe all those old veterans, risking their life for people they didn't even know.


  1. The TPWD took down the church in the Contrabando movie set due to it becoming a safety hazard.


    My Dad served in WWII, he came a few months after D-Day with the 87th Infantry Division, 346th Infantry Regiment and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He would NEVER talk about it, always dismissing it and changing the subject. However, there is a plentiful amount of information on the web. You can read some of the veteran’s personal accounts at the below link.


    It’s no wonder they are called the Greatest Generation.


    1. Great Reading Don, and thanks, hope he's still with us.
      My Dad served in the Aleutians and the Pacific, if you saw a photo of the Hirioshima bomb, there's a good chance he took it, he was in a chase plane for that mission, and was a reconnaissance photographer at that time, I have a biz zillion photo's and will post at some point when I can get them together. Thanks for checking in.

    2. Thanks, sadly we lost him in 1999. Yes please do post some pictures. I have been doing as much research as I can on my Dad's involvement in the war.

      Don't have a blog but if I get anywhere with the research it might be a way of sharing information.


  2. Very nice pictures. I have never been on that road, my vehicle could not handle it.