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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Alpine and the road south

We drew quite a few stares as we took our loaded push cart from the lobby of the Hampton to our room.
Seven long guns and an assortment of handguns  piled on with our luggage. But I couldn't leave them in the truck overnight, heck I was hoping the truck was still there the next morning, knowing how that kind of truck is popular among the smugglers.
Stopped for a photo op of LaKiva before it goes away, as the owner was murdered ( allegedly ) in the parking lot a few weeks ago.
Terlingua is simply beautiful.
Always tomorrow.dang it.
No trip is complete without a stop by the cemetery.

I told Jeff before we left, as I do everyone that goes to the ranch with me, Your either going to love it, or hate it, there is no in between or grey area. Thankfully he loved it.
I'll send some photo's later of when we went upriver through Lajitas and Presidio, and even further up river to Ruidosa. That's one beautiful ride!
I hope you have good luck and blessings at home and your work place next week, take care of each other, and thanks for checking in.



  1. I hope someone buys LaKiva and keeps it intact...it is a shame about the owners murder. Thank you for posting the pictures of my favorite desert...only six more months to go :-)

  2. Your welcome MsB, and thanks for stopping by.

  3. I had never heard of Terlingua until an episode of Criminal Minds. There was a barn with a sun on it in the episode. I have always wondered if there really is a barn with a sun on it near or in Terlingua. Did you ever see that episode?

  4. PP:
    I have not seen that episode, so I can't say, but thanks for watching and your comment. I'll try to find that particular episode and watch it though!